Nature’s Angels medical cleaning

… because it’s not the dirt you can SEE that’s dangerous!

At Nature’s Angels, we partner with dental, medical and allied health practices to avoid costly litigation by implementing cleaning and infection control protocols. Nature’s Angels provides detailed cleaning for dental, medical, optical, and other allied health professionals and their premises on a schedule that meets your needs.

We also work in day clinics, specialist surgical clinics and radiology clinics … places with a special need for meticulous cleaning due to the potential for cross-infection.

We are in constant pursuit of best-practices in the field, our staff participate in internal and external training courses and certification to ensure that they fully understand what is required of them.

We’re OCD about germs & bacteria … and quite frankly, you should be too

Germs and bacteria can’t be seen by the human eye without assistance, and they can be deadly. They are often spread from one surface to another by cleaners who don’t understand the importance of following specific processes and order, and who don’t change their cleaning cloths appropriately.

When we initially walk-through your premises to quote we not only see exactly what is required to bring your clinic up to our baseline standard and maintain that level of hygiene and sanitation for you, we also prepare a detailed system and procedure schedule for our staff.

Our staff is a very important part of our process. We choose them carefully, train them carefully, and supervise them carefully. At least two people (including a supervisor) will clean your clinic, and we will never use your premises as a training ground without your permission.

Our extensive training programme and frequent use of ultra-violet light to test surfaces is one reason why you can have total confidence that every surface has been thoroughly cleaned.

“Laudy, Vince and the team at Nature’s Angels are diligent not only in their training and study but in all aspects of the industry, they are customer focused and excellent cleaners, it was a pleasure in being able to assist with their training needs. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Michael Boerner, Program Manager ISTC, Cleaning, Civil Construction First Aid,Laundry,OHS High Risk Work Gordon Institute of TAFE

Why hire Nature’s Angels to clean your facility?

Because you can’t risk compromising the health of your staff or your patients and we:-

  • Thoroughly clean following clearly documented systems
  • Care about cleaning details where others don’t
  • Follow industry best-practices for infection-control
  • Use micro-fibre cloths laundered at high heat to prevent cross contamination
  • Use fresh, colour coded cloths in every room
  • Are fully insured and health and safety certified

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… After just one clean you’ll know you’ve met the cleaners you can trust to take care of your health and safety.