Nature’s Angels Cleaning:

Your visitors may not notice when it’s clean, but you can bet they’ll spot the dirt!

Everything about your business demonstrates your professionalism, your attention to detail and your commitment to your brand.

What about your office’s cleanliness? We’d like to think that people can overlook the rings on the boardroom table, dusty shelves, dirt-encrusted corners, and sub-standard bathroom cleaning, and focus on the important aspects of your product or service, but just like other first-impressions, the appearance and cleanliness of your office space does matter.

Nature’s Angels uses precise systems and processes, including state-of-the art software and checklists to ensure that your office is cleaned to your standards every time. This guarantees consistency of our service. It means that nothing is overlooked, and no corners are forgotten.

Flexibility & peace of mind

Many offices and commercial properties don’t need daily cleaning, but some do. At Nature’s Angels, we establish benchmarks and requirements in our initial meeting.

No two work places are the same and neither are their requirements. Whether you choose nightly cleaning, weekly cleaning, or some other frequency of service that suits your needs and budget, you can rely on Nature’s Angels to show up and do an excellent job, leaving you with nothing to do yourself.

I can confidently say that we have never had a phone call after our cleaners have been saying that something was left undone. We make sure that that simply does not happen!

“Laudy really does have a team of cleaning ‘Angels’ working with her! The level of care they take and the attention to detail is second to none. I couldn’t believe that after the very first office clean I could literally see my reflection in the kitchen sink! Now every time I come in on a Monday I can tell my cleaning Angels have been because our office is all sparkly like new – thank-you Angels!”

Sarah Leslie, ThincWealth, Richmond

Cleanliness and hygiene is just as important at work as at home

You’ve heard the stories about the germs harboured on keyboards, desks and the arms of your chairs, but have you thought about what that means for you and your workers?

It means more sick leave due to germs passing around the office, and more absenteeism, as well as lower productivity. That’s why we:-

  • Follow checklists and systems to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Use colour-coded cloths to clean kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas
  • Launder all our micro-fibre cloths at 95º after every use
  • Use ultraviolet light to confirm surfaces are germ-free
  • Use sustainable, environmentally-friendly enzyme-based cleaners that do not cause allergies and are proven to clean even better than chemical cleaning agents

Special focus on high-clean areas like kitchens and bathrooms

Drains, fridges, food preparation surfaces and other areas provide many opportunities for bacteria and germs to grow. We pay special attention to these surfaces and ensure that they are safe and hygienic. As a result, your staff will be healthier and happier.

Of course, everyone wonders about the cleanliness of shared bathrooms but we can assure you that your bathrooms won’t just smell fresh and look clean when we leave, they will actually be as clean and hygienic as you’d like them to be.

Don’t Cut Corners on Your Office Cleaning…
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